Monday, January 9, 2017

{ Our Kitchen } up until December 2016

Here are some snapshots from our kitchen. Completely gutted but we made it work for awhile.
We started a remodeling project in December 2016, so the kitchen looks completely different now!

It is hard to see in the photos, but the walls are all exposed brick.
Since they were in really bad condition, I patched them and did a plaster/ paint  treatment. 

There were two windows that were hiding behind the drywall. Since we were undecided about our kitchen remodel design, we kept them open. 
I built frames for the windows and covered them with curtains, and also tried building shutters from some rescued old closet doors. The fit is all wonky! I was picturing installing some sort of glass windows. I really love(d) all of the natural light in the kitchen.

Temporary kitchen set up. 
We were able to use the old sink and a portion of the old counter. 
The counter is resting on two cabinet end pieces saved from the old kitchen cabinets.
Garbage and recycling is hiding behind the curtain.

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