Monday, January 9, 2017

December 2016 { Back porch progress } New insulation and drywall

We removed this drywall due to water damage.
Underneath was beadboard and old pink insulation. It was damp and smelled of mildew/ mold. There was no vapor barrier or house wrap, so water was seeping through the vinyl siding.

At some point there was a wall of windows(s) here. They were removed and replaced with this one window. The window frames were covered with wood planks, and the siding was nailed directly to the planks.

This old bead board was gently removed and is being stored for a future project.
To the left, and around the door, we have insulation and drywall.
We were able to keep the beadboard on the interior wall (to the right) and the ceiling.

We were able to recycle some pieces from my wood pile to trim the windows. With some caulk and paint, it will work.
The trim around the door I rescued from our dining room demolition. 

Next: clean, prime and paint! 
Shop for a floor runner rug, ceiling light fixture, and window treatment.

Future: Better quality exterior back door and window. Even with insulation, it is still freezing cold! 

Since we do need to replace our siding on the back porch, we can better insulate at that point.

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