Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 2016 { Home improvement and DIY projects }

Just wanted to post some home improvement updates. My photos are from my new cell phone and they are pretty bad. Still trying to work out the kinks.

Let's start with the stairway:

Remember when we moved in and pulled out the nasty old carpet?  We installed new carpet because we couldn't deal with refinishing the stairs at that point in our lives. 
Well, we ripped it out again! It was poor quality- installed in pieces vs a runner. 

Since it was time to do some work around the stairway, I removed the spindles and trim. 

Spindles and trim waiting for minor repairs and paint.
Remember the dining room table that our friend built? 
Well he built us a second dining room table! 
Isn't it a beauty? Such a nice friend, right? 

The other table he built will now be a desk in the office.

I used our new paint sprayer to paint these closet doors black.
These were the doors from the the upstairs bedroom closet, and will be used for a future project.

This was the old tile in our first floor bath that I decided to demo.
Guess what is underneath? Oak hardwood floors - the same floor throughout our main level

Oak hardwood floors peeking out from underneath the tile.

We removed the trim around the dining room window for some repairs, insulation, and to tidy up the trim.
Before : see how the trim is all chippy and peeling? 

After some cleaning up (photo above).
I still need to do some patching with wood putty and add a fresh coat of paint.

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