Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Simple Closet Makeovers with Paint: Before & After

I just finished a project from last week's to-do list- the closet makeovers that I wrote about here and also here.
Check out the photos below.

BEFORE (closet 1)

AFTER (closet 2)
3 coats of primer and paint and lots of caulk

BEFORE (closet 2)

AFTER (closet2):

On the one door, i hung a full length mirror found in the basement.
Perfect for my sewing supplies.

These guys got a little makeover with some paint- BEFORE:
wall hooks i was hoarding in the basement
AFTER: wall hooks in place after several coats of primer/ white paint

AFTER: wall hooks with white paint

AFTER: closet wall hooks 

The old closet door hardware all cleaned up:
Originally covered in layers of white paint.
The old crock pot paint stripping method worked like a charm.
Bar Keeper's Friend helped polish them up.
(After seeing this photo i decided to do one more go around with the BKF)

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