Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Bloomindale Trail - 606 is open!

Opening day was yesterday, 6/6/15, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Even more amazing then I ever imagined, and there is even more planned... more parks, entrances, and a swimming pool at our entrance.  So excited!

photo via
Love this photo from Chicago Mag- our house is in this pic
I have had this photo saved for years- cannot remember who made this poster
official map
Photo of the trail from our porch taken winter 2015- easier to see without the leaves
here it is on opening day 6/6/15- behind the tree
These I took out walking the trail.
the western end at Lawndale

at Lawndale

entrance at Lawndale

Ridgeway entrance. Future home to a park and swimming pool.

Ridgeway entrance. Future home to a park and swimming pool.

At the top point at Lawndale facing west.

ymca is to the right

at Lawndale

at Lawndale

facing our house

Monticello- facing our house

our street

our street from bridge

our street from bridge


Look who we saw: the two dogs (and their owners) from the blog "Two Pitties in the City"

Overlooking the fest at Humboldt Boulevard. Just a little east of us.

the fest at Humboldt Boulevard

cotton candy

one of many parades

the bridge at Milwaukee

the elevated train for the Blue line

the Blue line

Milwaukee facing downtown

? on the Damen bridge

Damen facing downtown

This is the East end in bucktown at Ashland, just north of North Ave, next to the expressway.
This park is under construction.
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