Monday, June 15, 2015

Basement Destruction- UPDATED at the end

Over the Chistmas holiday our basement flooded- I wrote about it here. 
Slowly I have been removing the floor tile, floor molding, drywall, insulation, anything gross or questionable.
The floor tile came up fairly easily but was really heavy to haul away forcing me to do millions of small trips back and forth to the dumpster. Sort of like that prison break movie where the prisoner slowly digs a tunnel thru concrete to escape. To hide the evidence he fills up his pockets everyday and dumps the chiseled rock in the yard. Shawshank Redemption maybe or Escape from Alcatraz?
It has been a time consuming pain in the ass, but I have to admit the destruction is kind of fun.
Basement floor molding, lower walls, insulation, and floor tiles needed to be removed. This is how the previous owners "finished basement" was done: just cover the walls without drywall and stuff some insulation in there. No sealer, no vapor barrior.  
To see photos of the destruction and more ugly basement pics, click on "read more" below.
Before the basement flooded, I started to seals the cracks between the basement windows and drywall. After the flood I put this project on hold in case we decided to gut parts of the basement.
Great Stuff and caulk around all of the windows
Great Stuff- love this stuff but it is messy!

An assortment of razors to remove Great Stuff from the windows and make a nice 90 degree angle for the caulk.

Some of the windows still look like this.
Some of the windows have been caulked, sanded, primed and painted. This one still has some caulk to remove at the top.
This one is finished.
In the laundry room the floor tiles started to lift on their own.
Laundry area torn apart
Limestone walls were hiding behind drywall. Floor tiles removed.
Floor tiles and floor molding removed.

Part of me just wants to tear everything out leaving the limestone and concrete walls exposed. I think we should hold off on the basement until the building next door is razed and there is no chance of flooding again.
photo via
I like the white washed limestone in this photo

Here are some photos of the ugly basement tiles from the original real estate listing. yuck!
dirty old tile- June 2009

dirty old tile in laundry room- June 2009
UPDATE: This week I finished gutting the bottom half of the basement.

Now it's totally scary, but it feels good to have that step complete.
The power cleaning has been on going: bleach, detergent, rinse, vinegar, repeat. Repeat. Something like that. Looking for that magic cleaning product that will make the basement smell "fresh".
We do have a dehumidifier and fans going.

Laundry area 

Basement main room

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