Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mr S bought us a grill

and guess who gets to put it together!  (hint: not Mr S)
Apparently it was over 100 bucks extra to have it professionally assembled, so Mr S said screw that we can do it ourselves.  (and by we he means me)
This is what it should look like:

photo from the catalog

This is how it was presented to me. It is stuff like this that can destroy relationships so it's best I do this solo. Have you heard of "the IKEA divorce test"?  

Hopefully Mr S will be grilling by this weekend. I will be in charge of the veggies since I don't eat meat.

Ta Da- the grill is together and fully functioning. Now we can sit back and relax.
newly assembled grill

Celebrating with Three Floyds Gumballhead beer
Ms A claimed her spot on the patio

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