Thursday, April 30, 2015

Master Bedroom Paint

Last summer I primed the walls and painted the floors (check out the before photos here), and one of my winter hibernation projects was to finish painting this room. We are not quite there yet but getting close. The entire room is white now except for the wall behind the bed, which is the same wall as the attic door. Since we don't have a headboard, I thought it would be nice to paint this one wall. 

The color i mixed myself so it doesn't have a name. 

Below is the closet now. The door and tracks were busted so we had to remove them. I hung my favorite vintage cotton sheet as a curtain. 

Below: the closet 'before' in 2009 (at closing) ...
yellow paint, beige rubber stick-on floor molding and mildewy industrial carpet. 
I get itchy looking at this picture. 

This is the wall behind the bed.
You can see the attic door at the top of the photo below.
We really need a pair of reading lights.
I just hung this pendant for now (still needs a light bulb).

Before: this is the room at closing in 2009: light yellow paint with brown wood trim.

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