Thursday, March 12, 2015

new life to an old trunk: part 1

This old trunk was always around when I was growing up. It was mostly kept in hidden in the basement or attic. At one point it was covered in colorful contact paper and used as a toy box for toddlers! Apparently decapitation not a concern in the 1970s. Good thing we all had our tetanus shots.

It needs major tlc, but I have been so indecisive about paint colors and paint types.
The paint colors were narrowed down to black or white, or even a metallic in gold or silver.
After testing out different types of paint, oil paint for metal was the winner.

I went to look in our paint cellar for the black Rustoleum paint, and found something even better! Keep scrolling...

Before- obviously

I found a can of this green paint that came with our old car for doing touch-ups. Totally forgot we had it.
The shades of green are almost a perfect match so decided to give it a try. It's free and easy enough to change the color if we hate it.

Here is a sneak peek of the first coat. It did an excellent job of covering the rust.

Sorry about the bad flash photos- my work space lacks natural light. It's looking nicer in person. I will follow up with after photos when complete.

our old car - RIP

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