Monday, January 5, 2015

{ Happy New Year 2015 }

In my last post I wrote how our furnace died, and we didn't have heat for 48 hours over Christmas Eve & Day. We survived and the furnace was repaired.

On New Years Eve the furnace died again!  We spent New Years Eve, New Years day, and the following day with two space heaters, and wearing everything we own.
The furnace has been repaired again. We know what happened but am not going to go into the details. It's related to some work in the neighborhood unrelated to us. Hoping to be reimbursed for the repairs.

CPS is back in business starting today, so we are trying to get back on a regular schedule.

Right now I NEED to focus on learning some computer related stuff. Things need to be quiet and calm, nothing distracting (add). I have to try and tune everything out.
It makes me think of Cate Blanchett's character in Blue Jasmine (scene below) trying to study for her computer class. haha. LOVE this movie- one of my Woody Allen favorites.


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