{ Burlap Coffee Bags }

I picked up these burlap sacks the other day at this cool local store called Rebuilding Exchange. They sell old light fixtures, hardware, windows, doors, reclaimed wood, second hand kitchen and bath cabinets, old tubs, and tons of other awesome stuff.
Lots of great deals too. The burlap sacks were ONLY 10 for $5, and they are XXL.

See how they repurposed an old bike tire to bind the burlap bags.

Here is the store info for those interested:
{flickr - current merchandise }  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebuildingexchange/

I have lots of ideas, including a dog bed for the kitchen.
Look, she already chose her favorites bags.

Here are a few inspiration photos found on Pinterest. We do have a chair and stool that I hope to reupholster this winter. So excited!
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