{ spray paint and a chair makeover }

Because of gang graffiti, the city of Chicago has banned the sale of spray paint since 1995. Even craft spray paint. Of course there is still graffiti all over the city. It's so unfair. Now you must travel to the suburbs or buy online.

I did try the Preval paint sprayer, but couldn't get it to work. It just kept getting clogged.

I do have the Critter spray gun but still need the air compressor. Totally psyched to get this thing running!

Anyway, let me get to the chair makeover.
I have been dying to try this paint that bonds to plastic. Think of all the ugly outdoor plastic stuff that can be transformed. The chair getting the makeover is plastic, so this was a good opportunity to give the paint a try.

Here is the paint I  used: pink Krylon paint for plastic, and metallic gold paint by Rust-oleum.

The chair is an old Herman chair from Ikea.
The plan was to spray paint the seat and back pink, and the legs gold.

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned.
The paint for plastic was a disaster. It was heavy & drippy to work with and is now peeling. Most likely due to my inexperience.
Also, even though the can says "no sanding or primer"needed, I probably should have primed.

The legs with the Rust-oleum gold worked beautifully. Nice finish and easy to work with.

Since the paint didn't work, I decided to try decoupage again with this vintage fabric.
Love the flowers and gold leaves!

Typically I use Mod Podge as decoupage glue, but this time I made my own using 2 parts multi-purpose glue to 1 part water. There are a bunch of glue recipes on Pinterest. 
After drying, I applied a couple coats of clear polycrylic.

I love my new chair! It will be going into my new art & craft studio.

Photo bombed while trying to take chair photos.