{ DIY up-cycled cardboard box cat house }

Just like most cats, our cat loves cardboard boxes. I have made him little forts before from cardboard boxes, and this is the most recent.

Here is a before photo of the box

This is the kitty house after a crafty day 

Find out what I did after the jump-------

I decided to follow this Martha Stewart cardboard cat house pattern to get started with the base.

I used little pieces of cardboard for the scalloped roof.

hot glued the pieces to the roof.

painted with some leftover sample paint called 'black forest'.

cut out windows and added shutters.

Kitty can enter from the side doorway or backside.

then I totally dorked out and added flower boxes & shutters.

 not so pretty close up

At first kitty hated the house, but now he tolerates it. Only because his food bowl is inside now, safe from the dog. If I can get a good pic, I'll update this post.

Updated to add a photo with kitty:
eating dinner- very annoyed by the camera flash

check out his giant Hemingway cat paws aka polydactyl paws

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