Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Dining Room Table

We have a new dining room table. It was designed and handcrafted by a friend in Pennsylvania. The table can seat six for dining, and has been a great work space for laying out patterns, cutting fabric, and other projects.

The legs are sort of picnic table meets industrial. We do need to find some new seating to go with the table. In the mean time, our folding chairs do the job.

As long as I am sharing the new table, thought I would throw in some other dining room update photos. Here is the dining room when we purchased our home.

Here is the dining room in 2010 - after a fresh coat of paint, refinished hardwood floors, brand new floor molding, and my Grandma's table.
It's a wonderful table that expands to seat a dozen people easily. Unfortunately, the legs are weak and I wasn't completely confident in throwing a large dinner party. So it was time for a new table. Grandma's table is still here but in a less demanding role.

When we gutted our kitchen, the doorway to the kitchen was opened up. Here is a photo of my lovely hack job.

This is a current photo looking into the kitchen. Things are slowly changing.

The plans for the dining room:
1. electrical work for ceiling light fixture and switch
2. build header box for doorway and drywall
3. build custom threshhold into kitchen
4. shop and install a light fixture
5. shop for seating- chairs and maybe a bench(s)
6. shop for a rug
7. shop for drapery
8. find some sort of storage unit for dining room housewares

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