Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Master Bedroom Floor

Remember when I primed the walls and floors in the bedroom (here)? Well I just finished with the final coat of poly, along with 2 coats of paint. Let's take a look back, this is the bedroom at closing.
with dark blue/ gray industrial carpet.

Check out photos of the floor after removing the carpet:
Hardwood patched with plywood.
Hardwood floor in sad condition.

Hardwood floor patched with plywood. Hole from radiator. 
plywood patch 

After talking to our floor guy, I realized that we really need new flooring due to all of the damage. Since that isn't in our budget right now, paint was the next best thing. I have always been a fan of painted floors, especially white. My Pinterest inspiration pics are here.
The damaged areas will be easily concealed with furniture and rugs. Once we get some color on the walls it won't look sooo WHITE.

Here are some snapshots after the primer and two coats of paint:

Now we must wait for the paint to dry.

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