Black Floors: Kitchen and Back Entry

Remember how I wanted black floors in the kitchen?  Now we have them!
Here is the link to the blog post and inspiration photos.

While Mr Six was out of town last week, I was able to close off the back half of the house and work on the hardwood floors.

Take a peek at the snapshots below:

close up
after to the left and original to the right

rear entry

rear entry

I applied two thin coats of color, two thin coats of clear poly, and lightly sanded between each coat. We kept the kitchen area closed off for a week to let the floor dry completely.

The floor boards were not in great shape, so even refinishing them would not have been worth it.
If we do a major kitchen renovation in the future, ceramic or VCT tile would most likely be my first choice.
Right now I am in LOVE with the black! Walking around barefoot is a joy.

Besides ripping out the previous seven plus layers of flooring, this process was pretty easy. Just a lot of down time waiting for each coat to dry.
The costs was minimal. Between the products and paint brushes, I (maybe) spent $30.

The following DIY tutorials were really helpful:

1. Door Sixteen's black painted floors

2. Manhattan Nest's how NOT to paint black floors

3. Bye Bye Brooklyn's black painted floors

kitchen floor with a fresh coat of poly
kitchen floor with a fresh coat of poly