Monday, June 23, 2014

{ sunroom, backroom, bedroom, dog room, office, studio, and den }

This room was originally an enclosed sunporch that became a bedroom at some point in this house's life. In our short time here, it has had many uses, and I am still messing around with it today.
original sunroom - bedroom with carpet (spring 2009)

extra bedroom (fall 2009)
closet on the left

behind that board are the pipes to the kitchen sink
hole in wall that leads to pipes under kitchen sink
blank canvas
doorway to back entry
The white floors were great, until She came along.  (fall 2010)
The white floor and doggies were not a great combo.
When exposing the brick in the kitchen, we needed to deal with this side of the brickwall as well. (2013)

When we discovered the beadboard in the back entry, we  found out that this side also was beadboard.

Here is the room today (June 2014), with the floor stripped.
Here it is with the exposed brick patched up.

stripped hardwood floor

interior windows

interior window
The plan is to make this the office. It will be great to have it on the same level as our main living area. This didn't work great as a guest bedroom, since a person would have to go through the kitchen, dining room, living room, and around a corner to get to the closest bathroom. So we are swapping out a room from the first and second floor.
The interior windows are great because they bring in tons of extra light to the kitchen, and make the overall living space feel more open. I do plan on doing some sort of window treatment. In the photos, I have parts of our daybed filling the spaces. Just playing around with ideas, and will post some of them soon.

When uncovering the beadboard, we ended up getting a larger doorway. So a new door is in the plans. Hopefully a pocket door.

The floors are badly stained, so not exactly sure of the plan until we can sand.

Floor moulding, crown moulding, and moulding at some of the wall seams will need to be installed.

Everything is primed right now, but paint colors have not been selected at this point. The brick and bead board will stay in the white family.

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