Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{ Kitchen: Phase two }

Spring 2009
I wrote about our "Phase one" kitchen HERE. The kitchen had a lot of obstacles, but we just made it work for the time being. There it was in the photos below. Since these photos were taken, there have been some big changes! Click on the "Read more" link below to see what we have done.
Fall 2009
Fall 2009
Fall 2009

The kitchen was pretty jacked up. The soffit lights were hung so low the cabinet doors could not open & shut. They really needed to come down, as well as the back splash & cabinets. Honestly, the kitchen just needed to be gutted.  Here are some photos after removing the old drywall and cabinets. There are more photos in my flickr album HERE.

Exposed kitchen wall- interior brick and windows

Old plaster and lathe walls

Exposed lathe walls

Door into the dining room

The kitchen sink goes here

{ the Kitchen renovation plans }
- remove tile and subfloor(s) exposing the original hardwood floors 
- tackle the hardwood floors
- remove soffit lights and cabinets
- electrical work
- insulate
- drywall
- countertop
- switch up floor plan
- add a garbage disposal & dishwasher
- deal with cabinets
- moulding: floor, ceiling, windows, doorway
- ceiling ?
- open up wall/ doorway to dining room 
- work with the interior brick wall
- window treatments for 2 interior and 1 exterior window

Can't wait until everything is crossed off!

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