Monday, April 7, 2014

{ Floors phase two: 2013 }

When we purchased our home in 2009, one of the first things we did was refinish the hardwood floors. I wrote a post about it here.
The kitchen and back entry floors were a little more complicated then the other living spaces, so we decided to hold off, and put down peel and stick tile for the short term. The tile that came with the house was sticky icky, and not appropriate for bare feet. You can see our quick and easy tile fix here.

Things were going well for a few years until the tiles started to peel off. The nails from the plywood subfloor started popping up and causing the tiles to lift off the under layers. I decided to investigate and peel off some layers in a hidden area just to get an idea of what we were dealing with. One thing led to another and there were four layers of tiles ripped off the floor, leaving us with a heavy layer of plywood subfloor. Underneath that subfloor was more tile and another layer of plywood subfloor.
 I should mention that to remove all of this flooring, the kitchen cabinets had to be torn out. Something I didn't think about until it was over. So what if our dining room is now our kitchen, and all of our food has to be cooked in the microwave. At least we have original hardwood floors!

The cleaning process was insane and involved every type of cleaning product on the market.
The floors had never been stained or painted, so that was a good thing. There was some water damage in one specific area, but nothing too bad. Most people would be happy with the floors... maybe a light sanding and some poly, but not me. Nope, I have other plans.
Below are photos of the destruction. The kitchen is still under construction, so "after" photos will come in time.
A warning for the wood purists reading this blog, the floors are going to be a dark black stain/ paint. So go ahead and freak out now. For those still interested in my plans for the floor, please check out my Pinterest page for inspiration pics.

Removing the first plywood subfloor in rear entry.

The kitchen subfloor can be seen in the bottom of photo.

Hardwood floors at kitchen and rear entry.
Removing two layers of plywood from kitchen floor.
Removing the final layer of flooring in kitchen, revealing hardwood floors.
Original kitchen hardwood floors.
Original kitchen hardwood floors.
Original kitchen hardwood floors.
Rear entry- removing final layer of tile.
original hardwood floors (after bleach)

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