{ Newel posts and finials }

In my last post I wrote about the stairway, but wanted to post a bit more information regarding the newel posts and finials.
As you can see in the photos below they were not in good condition, and one of the finials was missing. The finial below is what we need to match. Otherwise, we will find a new(old) pair altogether. Currently there is an inexpensive finial that I picked up at the local hardware store, stuck on the first floor post. Just wanted to get an idea of what it may look like finished. Plus, Mr 6 likes to hang his backpack on that post, and the finial helps keep it from sliding.
The stain and polyurethane was to be sort of a dark espresso color (to cover the stains), but the color shows more burgundy. Not loving it, and will most likely be sanding and tweaking the color at some point. No rush, this is not a high priority.

second floor newel post- this is the finial we need to match
main floor newel post- missing a newel post top
newel post after sanding, and after painting the  walls

newel posts with oil based wood stain and polyurethane

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