Friday, February 14, 2014

Our house has no running water

After closing on our house, we discovered that there was no running water. Since it was a foreclosure, the place was sold "as-is". The utilities were turned off, and the house had been vacant all winter. At some point the pipes burst.
Camping is fun, but we really love having running water and a working bathroom.  Understandably,  plumbing for the entire place became our number one priority, and it became the number one beneficiary of our decorating budget.
Our awesome plumber was able to repair plumbing in the kitchen, laundry, a bathroom, and exterior water source. However due to the damage, we had to gut two of the bathrooms. The third needs to be gutted just due to ugliness. 

damaged copper pipes

First floor bathroom-
This is the bathroom that our plumber was able to save (secretly disappointed).
Master bathroom-
This had to be gutted (thank god).
Basement bathroom-
This one I didn't mind so much, but it did need to be gutted.

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