Friday, February 14, 2014

Kitchen: phase one - fall 2009

kitchen- photo via the realtor's listing
This is what we did to get our kitchen in working order:

1.  Fixed plumbing issues

2.  Added a stove and refrigerator (secondhand- $300 with delivery)

3.  Since the soffits lights were installed so low, the cabinet doors couldn't open. To solve this, we removed the doors and went with open shelving.

4.  Primed and painted everything white: walls, back splash, and cabinets ($60 for materials)

5.  The floor was a disaster. We decided to put a bandaid on it and deal with it later. By bandaid, I mean black and white peel and stick tile ($50).

We did just enough to make it feel clean and fresh. Perfect for a temporary situation.

First layer of primer.
2 to 3 coats of primer

kitchen 2009
kitchen 2009
kitchen 2009
kitchen 2009- new black and white tile
kitchen breakfast nook 2009

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