Saturday, February 22, 2014

{ Floors: phase one 2009 }

One of the first things we did (after closing) was rip out the carpet to expose the hardwood floors.
Every room, with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms, had carpeting.
We were able to save money by tearing it out ourselves (including staples and nails). Fun times.
partially sanded
Hardwood floors before collage-
Photos taken after carpet was removed and before sanding/refinishing.
Sorry about the bad photos.
I haven't been able to locate the originals. They may have died with our last computer.

freshly sanded floor

Refinished hardwood floors - dining room and living room
Not perfect, still some stains, but much better than anticipated.
We paid $2 a square foot to have the floors sanded and refinished.

Refinished bedroom floor (maple)

Newly refinished floors covered for moving day and painting projects.

Stairway- ' Before' 

Second floor landing-
Still needs to be refinished, along with the stairs.
Why didn't we have this done when the other floors were refinished? If only there were time machines.  I actually believed that this would be an easy little project, with my mouse sander. hahahah. Lesson learned.
Second bedroom floor-
The floor in this room needs more repair than the others.  Serious patching has to happen. This is low priority on the to do list.

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