Two Simple Closet Makeovers with Paint: Before & After

I just finished a project from last week's to-do list- the closet makeovers that I wrote about here and also here.
Check out the photos below.

BEFORE (closet 1)

AFTER (closet 2)
3 coats of primer and paint and lots of caulk

BEFORE (closet 2)

AFTER (closet2):

On the one door, i hung a full length mirror found in the basement.
Perfect for my sewing supplies.

These guys got a little makeover with some paint- BEFORE:
wall hooks i was hoarding in the basement
AFTER: wall hooks in place after several coats of primer/ white paint

AFTER: wall hooks with white paint

AFTER: closet wall hooks 

The old closet door hardware all cleaned up:
Originally covered in layers of white paint.
The old crock pot paint stripping method worked like a charm.
Bar Keeper's Friend helped polish them up.
(After seeing this photo i decided to do one more go around with the BKF)

Summer Home Improvement Projects To Do List:

Remove the "popcorn" from the ceiling in spare bedroom
Raze the kitchen ceiling- drywall, lathe, light fixture, plaster, etc.

I pulled this part down to see what we have to deal with.
You can see the water damage- probably from when the copper pipes burst.
Fun times.

I have plans for two closet makeovers- see below:
Closet 1
Closet 2
Closet 2 Rear
This sticker came with the closet/ house.



Before- over grown empty lot in need of some tlc { yesterday }
After- 24 hours later {today}

Traffic circle- Had to take a quick snapshot of the flowers before they get blown to bits by M80s this weekend.
neighborhood- Logan Square

neighborhood- Logan Square
neighborhood- i am in love with the side of this building
Bamboo type plants peeking over our fence.

Herb Garden pods- Spring 2015
For those I spoke to about my herb garden, you can see how things went below.
July 1, 2015- As you can see the pods are doing really well  {kidding}
 I come from generations of farmers and kill every plant I encounter! wtf?

Sort of genius- this is a parsley and chive mixture.
There was an accident with some of the pods. Long story.

FREE vintage digital images

I have a personal collection of vintage greeting, wedding, birthday cards, and other images that I have been wanting to share for quite sometime now. It's not really difficult, just tedious and time consuming. 
These are not the highest quality scans but feel free to use them for your creative projects. They can be found along the right hand column of this blog- organized by category.
Check back for updates! 

If you do happen to use any of the images and want to share what you've done, please provide a link and/ or #housesixvintage.

Basement Destruction- UPDATED at the end

Over the Chistmas holiday our basement flooded- I wrote about it here. 
Slowly I have been removing the floor tile, floor molding, drywall, insulation, anything gross or questionable.
The floor tile came up fairly easily but was really heavy to haul away forcing me to do millions of small trips back and forth to the dumpster. Sort of like that prison break movie where the prisoner slowly digs a tunnel thru concrete to escape. To hide the evidence he fills up his pockets everyday and dumps the chiseled rock in the yard. Shawshank Redemption maybe or Escape from Alcatraz?
It has been a time consuming pain in the ass, but I have to admit the destruction is kind of fun.
Basement floor molding, lower walls, insulation, and floor tiles needed to be removed. This is how the previous owners "finished basement" was done: just cover the walls without drywall and stuff some insulation in there. No sealer, no vapor barrior.  
To see photos of the destruction and more ugly basement pics, click on "read more" below.

The Bloomindale Trail - 606 is open!

Opening day was yesterday, 6/6/15, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Even more amazing then I ever imagined, and there is even more planned... more parks, entrances, and a swimming pool at our entrance.  So excited!

photo via
Love this photo from Chicago Mag- our house is in this pic
I have had this photo saved for years- cannot remember who made this poster
official map
Photo of the trail from our porch taken winter 2015- easier to see without the leaves
here it is on opening day 6/6/15- behind the tree
These I took out walking the trail.
the western end at Lawndale

at Lawndale

entrance at Lawndale

Ridgeway entrance. Future home to a park and swimming pool.

Ridgeway entrance. Future home to a park and swimming pool.

At the top point at Lawndale facing west.

ymca is to the right

at Lawndale

at Lawndale

facing our house

Monticello- facing our house

our street

our street from bridge

our street from bridge


Look who we saw: the two dogs (and their owners) from the blog "Two Pitties in the City"

Overlooking the fest at Humboldt Boulevard. Just a little east of us.

the fest at Humboldt Boulevard

cotton candy

one of many parades

the bridge at Milwaukee

the elevated train for the Blue line

the Blue line

Milwaukee facing downtown

? on the Damen bridge

Damen facing downtown

This is the East end in bucktown at Ashland, just north of North Ave, next to the expressway.
This park is under construction.
My other posts related to the Bloomingdale Trail (606) are here and here.