ipad case makeover

Before shot of my sad and worn out ipad case. The fabric is stained, worn, peeling, but the plastic case is in fine shape.

Instead of throwing it out I decided to give it a makeover. I painted the interior fabric with three coats of white high gloss spray paint.

For the exterior, I cut out a new piece of fabric and attached it with Mod Podge.

I am pleased with the result. The high gloss paint and glossy mod podge make it easy to keep clean. Plus the hardened mod podge makes the stand even sturdier.

Master Bedroom Painted Floor Update

Remember when I painted the bedroom floor white? Well I made a really stupid mistake and used the wrong type of polyurethane, resulting in a yellowish tinted floor. It looks like someone peed on a white floor.

I painted another coat of the white latex enamel, and will be doing a topcoat with crystal clear polycrylic instead of the polyurethane.
Without the topcoat, the painted floor shows footprints, even with clean stocking feet. Hoping the polycrylic will work this time.

new dining room table

We have a new dining room table. It was designed and handcrafted by a friend in Pennsylvania. The table can seat six for dining, and has been a great work space for laying out patterns, cutting fabric, and other projects.

The legs are sort of picnic table meets industrial. We do need to find some new seating to go with the table. In the mean time, our folding chairs do the job.

As long as I am sharing the new table, thought I would throw in some other dining room update photos. Here is the dining room when we purchased our home.

Here is the dining room in 2010 - after a fresh coat of paint, refinished hardwood floors, brand new floor molding, and my Grandma's table.
It's a wonderful table that expands to seat a dozen people easily. Unfortunately, the legs are weak and I wasn't completely confident in throwing a large dinner party. So it was time for a new table. Grandma's table is still here but in a less demanding role.
The new table gives the dining room a completely different look!

When we gutted our kitchen, the doorway to the kitchen was opened up. Here is a photo of my lovely hack job.

This is a current photo looking into the kitchen. Things are slowly changing.

The plans for the dining room:
1. electrical work for ceiling light fixture and switch
2. build header box and drywall
3. build custom threshhold into kitchen
4. shop and install a light fixture
5. shop for seating- chairs and maybe a bench(s)
6. shop for a rug
7. shop for drapery

RIP Roo - June 2010 to August 2014

It's with a heavy heart that I have to let you know our dog Roo crossed the rainbow bridge. He was just one year old when he became our foster dog in June 2011. We loved him so much and he became a part of our family.
Even though he did come with pre-existing medical health conditions, his death was unexpected. It really sucks.
Here are some of my favorite Roo photos:

annual summer fun in the neighborhood

Sad to be counting down the days of summer, but we still have Riot Fest this weekend.
Here are some other summer events in our hood that we try to hit up annually:

Green Music Festival
held the weekend of June 21st - 22nd at North and Damen

Taste of Latin America 
held the first weekend in August on Armitage between Central Park and Avers

held the first Saturday in September, between 3400 to 3800-ish West Armitage

held the second weekend of September in Humboldt Park

the second Saturday in September along Palmer Boulevard and Humboldt Boulevard

Humboldt Park - Chicago Park District
all summer long the park has activities, festivals, trails, and entertainment

At least we have The Bloomindale Trail to look forward to next summer.

Front porch

When we moved into our place, the front porch was in desperate need of some major tlc. The spindles, railings, and posts had wood decay, and were unstable. Financially we were not in a position to completely gut and replace it, but we did need to make some repairs. So out of necessity, this became a diy project. It didn't seem like it would be too difficult or expensive.
I took the measurements to my local big - box - home- improvement- superstore,  where they helped me with my building plan, supply order, and scheduled a delivery for the materials. Once I got started assembling, things were pretty smooth. Just like a puzzle (with screws) or Ikea furniture. 
photo of front porch after closing

removed rotten spindles
Instead of just painting everything red and white again, I apparently lost my mind, and went with green. Did I get inspiration from other houses or photos- nope!  Just my imagination and a love for this color. At the time I truly believed we would have a brand new deck in the next year or two (aww so naive), and this was a temporary "fun" color. With overgrown empty lots, abandoned foreclosed homes, gangbangers and drug dealers on the corner, a green porch should have been the least of anyone's worry.
Now that the neighborhood has been quickly gentrifying, it's time to fit in with the color schemes of the community. Does that make sense? We don't want to be "that house with the green...". Plus I am just so sick of it.
with new spindles and green paint (2009)

September 2009


the most recent photo with hostas, a fern, and boxwoods (2014)

{ The new front porch plan }

1. Paint the porch ceiling a Haint blue. 
The stained glass window is part of the large picture window facing the porch, so the shade of blue for the ceiling will compliment the window. 
stained glass in front room facing porch

2. Prime and paint the railing, spindles, and posts white.

3. Paint the steps, floor, and lattice a dark charcoal grey.

The photo seems to be the best example of what colors I would like to use. I think the dark color on the bottom will help balance out our new roof (scroll down for pic).
The trim around the roofline and windows is white. Otherwise black trim would be my favorite option. You can see what I mean here.
Not sure what to do with our front door. We do need a new one, but need to figure out a way to make this one work in the mean time. Better to leave it black? or paint it white? or another color?

my photo of a photo via apartment therapy
This new color scheme will work with our overall interior aesthetic and create a better flow. I will follow up with some "after" photos soon (hopefully).
new roof 2012

Front door: leave black? paint white? or another color?
front door 2009