{ Stitching practice }

oven mitt & pot holder from upcycled vintage fabric

a giant coaster from a vintage tea towel (on top of similar calendar in mint condition)

a giant coaster made from a vintage tea towel calendar- on top of a similar calendar in mint condition

set of coasters made from vintage dinner napkins
set of coasters made from a damaged vintage tablecloth

{ January to do list: Organize sewing area }

One of my January projects was to set up a permanent sewing area. The sewing machine has been traveling up and down the stairs, depending on the project. Such a pain. It now lives in the second bedroom upstairs.

This room is also our guest room, home office, and my walk-in closet. There is a big window with a nice view, and natural light but not too sunny. Perfect for a work space.

After organizing my fabric stash into piles, I decided to dive into my first sewing project.  I have collected vintage bed linens for years. If they rip or stain, they go into my fabric stash. 
Last weekend I decided to make a throw/ small quilt with my vintage bed linen scraps. Something simple. My sewing machine has some fancy stitch options, but I am still learning. 
Thanks to my new fabric cutting tools, a fabric rotary cutter and this cutting mat, cutting fabric is now a piece of cake. My hands are so happy since scissoring has become a problem.


Vintage fabric squares simply machine stitched together

 I finished my first quilt!

 The sewing area after tidying up.

The daybed is a dumpster dive/ alley find. It is a West Elm daybed older model. Total score since these retail for over $500.  It was in great condition, just missing some of the hardware. It needs a mattress but for now I slid our massage table into the frame. It fits perfectly. Maybe a bit too tall but works for now. We do have the wood planks for a futon mattress.

My sewing table is also an alley find from many years ago. It was in great condition when I found it, but now looks to have seen better days. It has been my art/craft & diy table.
I love the height of the table in regards to lower back issues, so it stays until something better comes along.

The chair I wrote about here.

Now that things are organized, I am excited for my future sewing projects.
I don't actually love using the sewing machine, or handstitching, as it can be extremely frustrating. But it is really nice to be able to make things with fabric.

{ Happy New Year 2015 }

In my last post I wrote how our furnace died, and we didn't have heat for 48 hours over Christmas Eve & Day. We survived and the furnace was repaired.

On New Years Eve the furnace died again!  We spent New Years Eve, New Years day, and the following day with two space heaters, and wearing everything we own.
The furnace has been repaired again. We know what happened but am not going to go into the details. It's related to some work in the neighborhood unrelated to us. Hoping to be reimbursed for the repairs.

CPS is back in business starting today, so we are trying to get back on a regular schedule.

Right now I NEED to focus on learning some computer related stuff. Things need to be quiet and calm, nothing distracting (add). I have to try and tune everything out.
It makes me think of Cate Blanchett's character in Blue Jasmine (scene below) trying to study for her computer class. haha. LOVE this movie- one of my Woody Allen favorites.


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2015!

We finally received our holiday cards, and since things are moving slowly around here, I decided to post the photos online.
Hope everyone had a great holiday! 

On Christmas Eve our basement flooded (due to a project next door to us). 
The water caused the furnace circuit board to burn out and die- so no heat until the day after Christmas. 
Luckily we had places to go over the holidays and were able to stay warm.

{ Ikea chair makeover: Part 2 }

Remember when I wrote about my first Ikea chair makeover? with the fabric decoupage? well I finally finished the second chair.

This is the first chair After...  (read about it here)
After- Ikea Herman chair makeover
Here is the second chair makeover After...
faux pony skin fabric decoupage with modge podge and gold spray painted legs

{ Christmas to-do list: 2. Xmas cards }

Take pictures of the fur kids

Edit and design card


Decide to make it a 2015 New Years card

Order cards  * first time via apple iphoto- our older model apple hates adobe apparently  

Wait for delivery...
Like our fireplace?

Sign, seal, stamp, send

Here are a few behind the scene photos. As you can see the pets are absolutely thrilled about the photoshoot. I will post the final cover photos in 2015.
wrapping paper backdrop

{ Christmas to-do list: 1. Put up tree }