Dining room table update

I finally finished something!
Our new dining room table and chairs are assembled. 

(as you can see the kitchen is still under construction/waiting on permits, etc)

table top close up

chairs from Amazon

table legs from amazon

Leap year birthday

As some of you know I only have a birthday every four years, and this year was one of those years. Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes, cards, emails, etc. Really appreciate all of the love! :)
I am in the process of writing thank you notes, but am moving at my typical tortoise speed. So my apologies.

Here is a video of me at my party (Spoiler alert: it's not really me).
I love Flossie! We could be soul sisters.

Gotta go. Need a nap...

Some January 2016 updates at home

Just wanted to post some home improvement updates. My photos are from my new cell phone and they are pretty bad. Still trying to work out the kinks.

Let's start with the stairway:

Remember when we moved in and pulled out the nasty old carpet? then we installed new carpet because we couldn't "deal" with refinishing the stairs at that point in our lives. 
Well, we ripped it out again! It was poor quality and installed in pieces vs a runner, so it was not at all durable.
Since it was time to do some work around the stairway, I needed to remove the spindles and trim. 

( the stairway without spindles )

Spindles and trim waiting for minor repairs and paint.
Remember the dining room table that our friend built? Well he built us another dining room table! 
Isn't it a beauty? Such a nice friend, right? 
The other table he built will now be the desk of Mr S.

close up 

I used our paint sprayer to paint these closet doors black.
These were the doors from the the upstairs bedroom closet that I wanted to repurpose for something else. 

Before Christmas I went to the dentist for a check up. While sitting in the waiting area I noticed that the office tile was the same as our bathroom tile (ours above). The clinic was really dated (not in a good way), and felt really dirty gross. That was all I could picture when looking at our bathroom floor. Obviously the tile had to go. 
Guess what is underneath? Oak hardwood floors - the same floor throughout our main level. Too bad I can't go into a time machine back to 2009, rip out every single piece of tile in the house, THEN refinish the floors. 

Oak hardwood floors peeking out from underneath the tile.

Update on my office / studio space: I finished patching up the holes and primed the walls.
The wall is still wonky but smells better than that old paneling. I thought wallpaper might be a good idea. But before that I wanted to try a wall covering made of fabric and liquid fabric softener. It is super easy to take down and doesn't damage the walls so it is easy to play around. There are lots DIYs on Pinterest.

I decided to use this pretty fabric that I have been holding on forever. It is from a vintage duvet. The fabric is too fragile to sew or use in a quilt, but the starch really gave the fabric new life. 
Unfortunately the floral patterns do not line up but that was all of the fabric. 
This a snapshot using my cellphone- excuse the blurriness.

Here is a close up of the fabric and the liquid starch I used.

We removed the trim around the dining room window for some repairs, insulation, and to tidy up the trim.
Before - see how the trim is all chippy and peeling? 

After some cleaning up (photo above).
I still need to do some patching with wood putty and add a fresh coat of paint.

Happy New Year 2016

Hello world
I am just trying to get our stuff organized while hiding from the cold. Our house is such a mess with all of the dust from our current projects. Constantly cleaning but it never stops. I have pictures to share, and now that the hibernation season is here my hopes are to make that happen. 
Also, thinking I need to check out some better office chairs. My current chair is comfy enough for 5 to 10 minutes max. 
Off to update my etsy shop  :)

this is not really my office, but close.
photo from the movie A Beautiful Mind

more destruction

This is was the tile inside the front door, it came with the house. I held myself back from demo-ing this long ago but it wasn't at the top of our priorities. 

There it is at the bottom of the stairs (photo taken at closing).
after removing the transition piece- ick

This is my therapy!
Tile is gone! There is one hole from an old radiator, but otherwise it just needs to be sanded and refinished. 
Wish we would have ripped out the tile to begin with, but we didn't. 

I originally wanted to lay some new tile. It is a small area and shouldn't be too hard or that expensive.The only thing holding me back is that the floor is level now, and before it needed the wood transition piece for the 1-2 inch difference between the hardwood floor and tile. Does that make sense? Plus the door jams if there is a rug on top of the tile. 

If we do end up adding tile, I think a tiny black and white hexagon or penny tile would be my first choice. Similar to the photos below.

photo via

Things I am working on

Just wanted to share. I will post progress photos at a later date.
working on the exposed brick walls in the kitchen

fixing up this little storage closet at the top of the stairs,
and repurposing those closet doors.
(Old photo from closing)

replacing this disgusting tile in the front entry.
fixing up the first floor bathroom.

painting and insulating the back porch
(this was covered with a sheet of drywall)

fixing up this old beadboard found underneath a sheet of drywall.

repurposing these closet doors from the bedroom.

Resting and on the mend. Back online shortly.

I am currently recovering from a throat illness allergies and an injury to my leg.
Doing fine but like anyone, finding it hard to relax with all of the things that need to be done.
In the mean time here are some current cute pics of Alice and Ivan...
Alice taking a guilt free nap.

Alice is wrapped up in my quilt and keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Here is Alice wrapped up in my old doll-baby quilts. 

The cat is using the dog bone for a pillow.