{ Ikea chair makeover: Part 2 }

Remember when I wrote about my first Ikea chair makeover? with the fabric decoupage? well I finally finished the second chair.

This is the first chair After...  (read about it here)
After- Ikea Herman chair makeover
Here is the second chair makeover After...
faux pony skin fabric decoupage with modge podge and gold spray painted legs

{ Christmas to-do list: 2. Xmas cards }

Take pictures of the fur kids

Edit and design card


Decide to make it a 2015 New Years card

Order cards  * first time via apple iphoto- our older model apple hates adobe apparently  

Wait for delivery...
Like our fireplace?

Sign, seal, stamp, send

Here are a few behind the scene photos. As you can see the pets are absolutely thrilled about the photoshoot. I will post the final cover photos in 2015.
wrapping paper backdrop

{ Christmas to-do list: 1. Put up tree }


{ Burlap Coffee Bags }

I picked up these burlap sacks the other day at this cool local store called Rebuilding Exchange. They sell old light fixtures, hardware, windows, doors, reclaimed wood, second hand kitchen and bath cabinets, old tubs, and tons of other awesome stuff.
Lots of great deals too. The burlap sacks were ONLY 10 for $5, and they are XXL.

See how they repurposed an old bike tire to bind the burlap bags.

Here is the store info for those interested:
{flickr - current merchandise }  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebuildingexchange/

I have lots of ideas, including a dog bed for the kitchen.
Look, she already chose her favorites bags.

Here are a few inspiration photos found on Pinterest. We do have a chair and stool that I hope to reupholster this winter. So excited!
image via
image via 
image via

{ second floor bathroom update - a little color & storage }

The last time I wrote about the second floor bathroom we had just finished painting (here).

We added a chest of drawers (I inherited from my Grandpa) to the bathroom. Awesome right? There is a little desktop that pulls out. He would die all over again if he knew that I painted over natural wood. The inside of the desktop is the original color. The old drawer pulls really pop against the white.
Not sure if this will stay here permanently, but right now it is really nice to have the extra bathroom storage.

This is the only 'before' picture I could find. 

I wanted to add a little color and recently found these cute accessories from one of my favorite local thrift stores in Chicago... some vintage towels, containers & accessories, and the pendant light. The bathroom already feels warmer with the added color. The pendant light is for over the tub. Perfect for a cold winter night.

I need to find a little stool for the desk. The stool below is for a different room. It's a great spot for manicures.

kitchen counter makeover

As most of you know, we have been trying to upgrade our kitchen since forever. We basically had to take the entire kitchen apart and rebuild. Somethings we can reuse, but most of it is garbage.
I was only able to save the countertop section surrounding the sink. The two pieces that are on each side of where a stove would be, had to go. Beyond ick! These counters were already secondhand when they were installed, which is cool. I'm all for using secondhand fixtures, but this was a disaster. Notice where the cabinets and countertop meet in the corner? The cabinets are for another post.

See where the countertops meet? and the jacked up lower cabinet?

Here is a close up of part of the original countertop- yum!

This is the part of the countertop we could save, but the frame had to go (water damage). More on that in another post

I gave a little sneak peek of the new white countertops in this post here.

I removed all of the glue & caulk, and sanded the countertop.
Then painted:
2 coats of primer
2 coats of white paint
2+ coats of polycrylic
(lightly sanded between the first five coats)

I chose the primer, paint & polycrylic combo because they were products we already had on hand. So basically this project was free !

It looks and feels so shiny, clean and new now! Wish I would have done this years ago.
We have plenty of cutting boards, so no food will be in contact with the countertops. The old sink got cleaned up, a new faucet, and strainers.

The countertop is being held up with two cabinets from the original kitchen.
It is at a special height for me. Now I can either sit or stand when washing the dishes, and not have the lower cabinets block my legs.

We hide our garbage and recycling behind the sink skirt. The two cabinets hold cleaning supplies.

cardboard cat house

Just like most cats, our cat loves cardboard boxes. I have made him little forts before from cardboard boxes, and this is the most recent.

I decided to follow this Martha Stewart cardboard cat house pattern to get started with the base.

I used little pieces of cardboard for the scalloped roof.

hot glued the pieces to the roof.