Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I made something

When we became the owners of House Six, this is what the patio looked like. It is a little bit difficult to see the pavers through all of the weeds.
June 2009 - patio
 Here is a better look at the pavers, minus all of the weeds.
Winter 2010
 One summer I removed the tiles and placed them in a different pattern. It worked for a few years.
Summer 2014
 This summer we had new pavers for the patio delivered, so I decided to repurpose the old pavers and built a fire pit.
June 2018

June 2018

June 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Backyard landscaping

This is the backyard in July of 2009- when we bought the place. I posted about it HERE

Last week we got a big delivery with patio pavers, sand, stones, and mulch.

My first backyard project for this year was the northside fence line. 

I rolled out weed blocking fabric, bricks, soil, mulch, and pavers. We still need to add some sort of greenery.

Front yard landscaping updates

This is the front lawn in July of 2009. Back when we purchased House six.

A few months ago, I posted photos from September of 2017. You can see them HERE. This is what it looked like a month ago on May 9th.

Here it is one month later. I added more plants, grass seeds, lots of mulch. I put up little plastic fence to keep Alice off the lawn. Also added bamboo fencing for privacy.

 grass is starting to grow

My poor little shopping cart has taken quite the beating hauling landscaping supplies home from the store.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


We had to say goodbye to Ivan this week. 
He came to live with us in the fall of 2009 from an animal rescue in Michigan state. His original family couldn't keep him and he had been living with a foster family. We are unsure of his age, just that he was our kitty for almost 8 years.

When Ivan first moved in, he was so scared, heartbroken & lonely for his family. I promised him he wouldn't have to move again and that we would be his forever family.

Ivan was a Russian Blue cat with polydactyl paws. He was a social cat who loved people and got along well with dogs. He enjoyed cuddling, meowing, playing with his toys, taking naps, hanging out with his canine siblings, and eating. 

This week he quit eating and drinking water. Figuring something was wrong, I wrapped him up in a blanket, put him in a carrier, and took a Lyft to the Vet. The Doctor told me what I already knew - but didn't want to admit - that Ivan was dying. Kidney failure. Medical procedures were performed to take away his pain and suffering. The Dr let me stay with Ivan until the very end. 

Here are some photos of Ivan through the years:

This picture is from Ivan's first week with us.
It was shortly after we moved into our house - before any work on the stairway.
This bed is where Ivan slept his last night here. His impression is still in the pillow.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Front yard landscaping - making plans for spring

These photos are from September 2017. We added 6 new plants and killed the grass.

Hostas (on the left) came with the house.
We planted the two boxwood shrubs several years ago.
The plant in the middle is a couple of years old. Forget the name but it is supposed to flower at some point.
The short patch of green in the bottom right corner is a fringed pink perennial that we planted last fall,
 as well as, the shrub on the far right. It's a rose glow barberry.

The four matching shrubs along the fence line we planted last fall.
They are barberry shrubs.

I have random pieces of wood as a little fence to keep our dog out of the plants.
When we deal with the grass situation, this front yard area will not be pet accessible.

This mudpit needs grass, plants, or rocks.
Still undecided.
All ideas & suggestions are welcome.

The area outlined in red needs to stay clear because our driveway gate rolls horizontally over that area.
I am thinking pavers should go there along the front fence line.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A map of our neighborhood with a little history

We live next to the old Lincoln Log factory.
The map and more info can be found here.

First floor bathroom updates

I painted all of the things black! Floors, walls, light fixture, door and tile!
The paint is Pittsburgh Paints Paramount One Coat in "black magic" .

A new toilet and seat to install.
We ordered it from Amazon Prime. Cheap and free delivery!

A cornucopia of possible parts needed for installation.

Still shopping for a new sink.
The old pedestal sink, that we planned to still use, broke and cannot be fixed.  I swear to God it was an accident! haha
Also need a new mirror. The old mirror/ medicine cabinet is long gone.