more destruction

This is was the tile inside the front door, it came with the house. I held myself back from demo-ing this long ago but it wasn't at the top of our priorities. 

There it is at the bottom of the stairs (photo taken at closing).
after removing the transition piece- ick

This is my therapy!
Tile is gone! There is one hole from an old radiator, but otherwise it just needs to be sanded and refinished. 
Wish we would have ripped out the tile to begin with, but we didn't. 

I originally wanted to lay some new tile. It is a small area and shouldn't be too hard or that expensive.The only thing holding me back is that the floor is level now, and before it needed the wood transition piece for the 1-2 inch difference between the hardwood floor and tile. Does that make sense? Plus the door jams if there is a rug on top of the tile. 

If we do end up adding tile, I think a tiny black and white hexagon or penny tile would be my first choice. Similar to the photos below.

photo via

Things I am working on

Just wanted to share. I will post progress photos at a later date.
working on the exposed brick walls in the kitchen

fixing up this little storage closet at the top of the stairs,
and repurposing those closet doors.
(Old photo from closing)

replacing this disgusting tile in the front entry.
fixing up the first floor bathroom.

painting and insulating the back porch
(this was covered with a sheet of drywall)

fixing up this old beadboard found underneath a sheet of drywall.

repurposing these closet doors from the bedroom.

Resting and on the mend. Back online shortly.

I am currently recovering from a throat illness allergies and an injury to my leg.
Doing fine but like anyone, finding it hard to relax with all of the things that need to be done.
In the mean time here are some current cute pics of Alice and Ivan...
Alice taking a guilt free nap.

Alice is wrapped up in my quilt and keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Here is Alice wrapped up in my old doll-baby quilts. 

The cat is using the dog bone for a pillow. 

Kitchen Ceiling Update

One being to tear down the ceiling in the kitchen (down to the studs). 
Well, we finally finished it. Check it out...
exposed kitchen ceiling.
i think i'm in love.

as you can see we are now ready for the electrician.

exposed kitchen ceiling

Here is a shot BEFORE we tore down the ceiling. I wrote about it here.

If you would like to see some lovely work in process photos, keep reading. 
Warning: the photos are taken from my cell phone, at night, so they are really bad.

Ikea Chair Makeover

Recently my Ikea chair makeover was featured on {LIFE}BUZZ, "20 DIY Chair Makeovers".

Ikea chair makeover BEFORE

Ikea chair makeover AFTER- with decoupage and gold spray paint

Hilton Head Island

Just returned from vacation in South Carolina. We stayed on Hilton Head Island with some friends. Of course I forgot to take photos, but thankfully our friend took these beautiful photos of the resort.  

It was a nice relaxing trip.  I really enjoyed the beach, pool, the fresh seafood, and naps.
The heat and humidity made bicycle riding a little hellish, but fine for short distances. Mr S golfed, and our friends enjoyed some deep sea fishing and hiking. We were lucky to have a nutritionist/ chef vacationing with us. We did not go hungry on this trip that's for sure!
Thank you #victoriapardue_healthcoach

So sad our summer vacay is over, but it was nice to come home to a little milder weather, and to see our pets.

back patio- photo by Victoria Pardue

back patio- photo by Victoria

beach- photo by Victoria Pardue

beach- photo by Victoria Pardue
cafe on the beach- photo credit

Two Simple Closet Makeovers with Paint: Before & After

I just finished a project from last week's to-do list- the closet makeovers that I wrote about here and also here.
Check out the photos below.

BEFORE (closet 1)

AFTER (closet 2)
3 coats of primer and paint and lots of caulk

BEFORE (closet 2)

AFTER (closet2):

On the one door, i hung a full length mirror found in the basement.
Perfect for my sewing supplies.

These guys got a little makeover with some paint- BEFORE:
wall hooks i was hoarding in the basement
AFTER: wall hooks in place after several coats of primer/ white paint

AFTER: wall hooks with white paint

AFTER: closet wall hooks 

The old closet door hardware all cleaned up:
Originally covered in layers of white paint.
The old crock pot paint stripping method worked like a charm.
Bar Keeper's Friend helped polish them up.
(After seeing this photo i decided to do one more go around with the BKF)