Master Bedroom Paint

Last summer I primed the walls and painted the floors (check out the before photos here), and one of my winter hibernation projects was to finish painting this room. We are not quite there yet but getting close. The entire room is white now except for the wall behind the bed, which is the same wall as the attic door. Since we don't have a headboard, I thought it would be nice to paint this one wall. 

The color i mixed myself so it doesn't have a name.

Below is the closet now. The door and tracks were busted so we had to remove them. I hung my favorite vintage cotton sheet as a curtain. 

Below: the closet 'before' in 2009 (at closing) ...
yellow paint, beige rubber stick-on floor molding and mildewy industrial carpet. 
I get itchy looking at this picture. 

This is the wall behind the bed.
You can see the attic door at the top of the photo below.
We really need a pair of reading lights.
I just hung this pendant for now (still needs a light bulb).

Before: this is the room at closing in 2009: light yellow paint with brown wood trim.

Mr S bought us a grill

and guess who gets to put it together!  (hint: not Mr S)
Apparently it was over 100 bucks extra to have it professionally assembled, so Mr S said screw that we can do it ourselves.  (and by we he means me)
This is what it should look like:

photo from the catalog

This is how it was presented to me. It is stuff like this that can destroy relationships so it's best I do this solo. Have you heard of "the IKEA divorce test"?  

Hopefully Mr S will be grilling by this weekend. I will be in charge of the veggies since I don't eat meat.

Ta Da- the grill is together and fully functioning. Now we can sit back and relax.
newly assembled grill

Celebrating with Three Floyds Gumballhead beer
Ms A claimed her spot on the patio

Sewing project: pillow covers

Last year when we got our new (to us) patio set, these decorative pillows were part of the deal! They are still in great condition but the fabric is a bit faded from sunlight and washing.
New pillow covers were on my winter sewing project list, and I just finished the final stitch last night.

stack of pillows waiting for new pillowcases

Here are some of the fabrics used for the pillows:

found this piece of fabric on clearance-just enough to make two pillow covers

thrifted 100%cotton Turkish tapestries
thrifted mexican blanket (with two of the pillows at the top)

I was able to make 3 pillows from the blanket.

floor cushions from Turkish tapestries

floor cushion from Turkish tapestry


this is my favorite- floor cushion from Turkish tapestry

back side

handmade pillow covers- envelope style

envelope style pillow cover

with the patio seat cushions (top cushion is from Target)

Home Office and Studio Space

Remember that contest I entered to win money for a home office? It doesn't matter since we didn't win but this mess needs to pull itself together. 

Whenever I would sit here and try to work on the computer, all I could focus on was that giant crack in the paneling  and wonder what could be hiding behind it (the big one behind the computer screen in above photo). 
I fantasized about finding some adorably cute retro wallpaper, exposed brick or maybe even a secret closet. That was not the case, it is just a plaster wall that needs some tlc. It is not in horrible shape, just needs some patching and skim coating. 
Since there will be a mess I may as well get rid of the popcorn ceiling at the same time. ugh. 
In conclusion, the office is in no way closer to being organized.

removing the trim

plaster wall
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Happy Easter

photo via

new seat covers for the patio dining set

Remember when I wrote about our new (to us) patio set here
Well since the days are getting warmer, it's time to get the patio in working order. Painting is on hold for now, but the cushions are getting recovered. Nothing fancy, just fabric and a staple gun.

I found this fabric for the seat cushions. It's actually a shower curtain- $7 from Target! It is sort of water repellent so hope it works.
shower curtain- Threshold by Target- teal ferns (discontinued)

One seat covered- easy peasy!